Our team consists of Ryerson students who are cyclists themselves, and we’re always looking for new riders to join the team. If you’re interested, shoot us an email.

Photo of Luis Zugasti

Luis Zugasti

President, Supervisor, Developer

I’m a recently graduated computer engineering student at Ryerson. Dang, that’s a mouthful. My main discipline is road cycling, although I am now in cahoots with mountain biking and trials (no trials bike yet though). I’m a big BikeShare enthusiast as well (those bikes are indestructible). Outside of the club I am big on full stack development and meeting new people at hackathons, conferences and elsewhere. In my personal time I’ll be in farmers markets, reading about data bases and hunting down free food. And, of course, cleaning my bikes.


  • 2015 Orbea Avant H60
  • 2012 Norco Storm 6.1

Passion Project Bikes

  • 1970’s Raleigh Sprite
  • 1970’s Raleigh Grand Prix
Photo of Melissa Marquez

Melissa Marquez

Communications Lead

I’m a third-year nursing student at Ryerson. Since moving downtown, I’ve really come to appreciate cycling as a way to commute, exercise, and of course, meet new people on RUCC rides! Recently, I’ve also become a delivery courier where each shift teaches me more about the best ways to get around the city on two wheels. With one of my career interests being community health, I’m starting to get more involved in cycling advocacy with the aim of creating safer streets, healthier people, and a better environment. Outside of cycling, I also enjoy volunteering, gaming, and learning new languages :-)


  • Felt ZW6 2011
  • Apollo Mark III 2018
  • Supercycle Debutante
Photo of Devon Santillo

Devon Santillo


I’m a recent graduate of Ryerson Biomedical Engineering. Born and raised in downtown Toronto apartments. I began cycling purely as a method of transit to avoid TTC costs, but soon picked up bike building and restoration as a hobby. My entire fleet is hand built and customized from scavenged parts, donations and police auctions. Recently, I’ve also become a shift-staffer at the Bike Sauce DIY co-op, as well as a more active mountain biker/park rider. Outside of cycling I work in construction and am currently consulting on Ryerson green roof research. Other hobbies include tabletop & video gaming, mixology, 3D printing, woodworking and sailing.


  • 2015 Trek FX 7.4 Carbon roadbike
  • 2007 Gary Fisher Utopia 29er Trail Hardtail
  • 1981 Galaxy Fixie
  • 1976 Schwinn Typhoon Beach cruiser
  • 2008 Norco two50 Dirt Jumper
  • Custom Welded rear suspension only “Soft-tail” fat bike
Photo of Alex Dunn

Alex Dunn


I am in my second year of biomedical engineering at Ryerson University. Being fairly new to the city, I have found great fun in the networks of trails throughout Toronto. Whenever I’m not in the saddle, you will find me either hiking the Bruce Trail or playing the banjo. I have experience in triathlon and criterium racing, but can also appreciate a good social bike ride. Social rides are the best way to have fun, get outdoors and meet new people. Hope to see you soon!


  • 2012 Specialized Allez
  • 1990 CCM Corsa