Types of Rides

We host bi-weekly rides and usually meet at the Ryerson University Campus Store (17 Gould Street) at 9 a.m. on Saturdays. If you are a new rider, please sign the online waiver.

See below for our ride event types (legend explained at the bottom):

Casual, Gentle Rides (10-15/ND/L/3-4)

These rides are currently open for 10-15 km/h target pace, and are three to four hours in length, with a lunch/picnic in the middle.

We take a lot of pictures during these rides and they are generally chill and outgoing. Don’t expect to set a speed record here.

Rides are no-drop (no rider left behind) and all bikes are welcome. Just bring what you need (including a warm sweater in autumn temperatures!) and enjoy the ride.

Fitness Rides (15+/ND/NL/3-4)

New for the season is our fitness rides. We’ll ride at a minimum 15 km/h pace (dependent on the group’s overall capability) for three to four hours, with some small rest stops/rally points.

These rides are to help you develop your cycling skill and work up towards the club and competitive rides, but everyone is welcome as long as they can keep up with the group.

Rides are no-drop (no rider left behind) and all bikes are welcome. Just bring what you need (including a warm sweater in autumn temperatures!) and enjoy the ride.

Club Rides (20-25/ND/L/3-4)

Also new for the season is our classic club ride. Yes, we’re bringing this one back! We’ll be aiming for 25 km/h pace on flats and will practice our overall cycling skill, including drafting and teamwork positions. Rides will be three to four hours in length. A road bike is preferred; however, hybrid bikes have also made an entrance in these rides.

If you are unsure if this kind of ride is right for you, contact our supervisors beforehand with all your questions! These rides are no-drop with a few rally points in between; however, we’ll aim to ride tightly to conserve energy and make it as far as possible.

Rides tend to last at least 70 kilometers depending on the route, and you’ll be working decently hard, so you won’t need that sweater!

Competitive Rides (25+/D/L/5-6)

Our last new cycling discipline is the competitive ride. These rides are led by experienced Ryerson cyclists and tend to be four to five hours long. A high level of endurance is expected and each ride ends with lunch (you earned it!) at a predetermined location.

These rides are generally half-day endeavours and the routes are at a minimum 100 kilometres, if not more. There will be rally points and drop-out points listed on the ride route. A road bike is certainly the best option for these rides.

Event Legend

There are four identifiers for each ride, to help you determine the best one for you. Let’s take the competitive rides, for example.


The first number/symbol is the average pace target.

Measured in kilometres per hour. In general, the higher the number, the tougher the ride.

The first letter, D, means that this is a drop ride.

No drop is symbolized as ND. This means that if you lose the main group, the next time you can catch them is at a rally point. For no-drop rides, the main group may break up into two groups of differing speed, to ensure no one falls behind.

The second letter, L, means that a lunch is planned sometime in the ride.

NL denotes no lunch is planned. A lunch, or a food break, generally means a break will be taken during the ride or at the end to eat food and chat with your fellow Ryerson cyclists. Who doesn’t love food?

The last set of numbers, 5-6, denotes the estimated hours the event takes.

In this case, it is five to six hours long, and only considers the time in between the first pedal stroke and the moment everyone heads home.